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The wick

Made from natural fibres to promote clean and even burning, our wicks leave no chemicals in the air such as lead or other harmful metals.

The wax

While many suppliers in the candle industry use paraffin wax, we prefer to use 100% soy wax because it is cleaner, renewable and all natural. This helps us to adhere to our core values by using the highest quality materials to ensure safety and satisfaction with all our products. Our artisan ensures that nothing else is added to the wax other than our signature scent, with no preservatives or chemicals making it a more natural product.

Why paraffin free?

Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum oil, which requires deodorising and bleaching before it can be turned into wax. This in turn releases harmful CO2 and other metals into the environment.

Soy wax, on the other hand, is all natural. Derived from soybean oil, which is a plant-based material, it can be renewed with new growth and is also biodegradable. Soy also burns 50% longer than paraffin, making it more efficient to burn and with a lower melting point it is warm to the touch without being scolding hot.

Please note: Soy wax is designed to expand and contract. All of our candles are hand made and poured, not mass produced. Being hand made means there may be some slight variances between each candle, although every effort is taken for this to be minimal and you may not even notice. Sometimes soy wax can have a frosted look. This is one of the natural characteristics of soy wax. In some cases the wax can come away from the glass jar. This is natural and does not affect the burning of the candle. Every effort is taken to avoid this but sometimes it can appear after time.

15 reviews for Indecent Signature Candle 500ML

  1. Avatar

    Megg S (verified owner)

    The scent is to die for and if fills the room as soon as it’s lit. It comes in the most beautiful packaging and the personal note is a very nice touch. Definitely will be buying again.

  2. Avatar

    Nicole J

    I am in love with this candle, the scent is indulgent and sexy. This is the candle that you need to have, the quality and look of this candle exceeds expectations. Highly recommend.

  3. Avatar

    Nicole (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh! I’m not good at reviews but I really wanted to let everyone know how exquisite this candle is. It’s far beyond any kind of quality I’ve purchased before. It’s the longest lasting candle I’ve purchased and I’m sure it has lasted longer than the 70 hours it says here. I’m not a fan of anything too sweet or citrus, this candle scent has a masculine undertone and it’s really sexy.

    Without the lid on and unlit it perfumes my bedroom and ensuite. I bought one for my mum and my sister too!

  4. Avatar


    The Indecent candle smells absolutely divine, its not too strong or overpowering. If your after a natural candle that smells amazing and lasts then I highly recommend purchasing this candle, plus it looks amazing and stylish in any room

  5. Avatar

    Sarah (verified owner)

    This is the only candle I now burn the scent is amazing and you can smell it even just by having the lid off. Burn time is fantastic I think it lasts longer than 70 hours. Packaging is also stylish so will go in any room.

  6. Avatar


    Sensual erotic scent that totally sets the mood .
    Love love love this product !

  7. Avatar

    mel r

    Amazing! The scent is different to any other candle I’ve come across. Great gift for Valentines day!! Thanks, Indecent <3

  8. Avatar


    In love with this candle! The look, the smell, everything! It’s been beautifully created with the most amazing scent, everyone jump on board and get yourself one!! 😍

  9. Avatar

    Holly (verified owner)

    Completely in love with this scent. It’s like nothing I’ve smelt before. So good and it burns for hours without leaving that awful black build up in the wax like I’ve had with other candles.

  10. Avatar

    Kerry Maclean

    These candles have the most beautiful smell to them . Whether there Burning or you just leave them lying around the house and you can smell the amazing scent from them . They’re def one of my favourite candles 👍

  11. Avatar

    Toni M

    Indecent candles are by far the best you can buy. The scent is amazing and the candle lasts and lasts.
    It comes beautifully packaged and with a lovely personal note.
    Can’t recommend them highly enough!!!!

  12. Avatar


    I am a Psychic Healer, this is the only fragrant Candle I use! It’s so subtle and my room smells divine! It’s a quality product by a quality outfit!

  13. Avatar


    I was gifted this beautiful candle and is now the only candle I will use ! They are beautifully presented and leave a lovely aroma in room ! I highly recommend to anyone for personal use or gift for someone special 🕯

  14. Avatar


    I cannot recommend this candle enough. It’s unique and unmistakable scent is to die for. Even when it’s not burning you can smell the beautiful aroma of this high quality candle in the air. The sexy design of the holder will suit any decor.

  15. Avatar


    This candle smells amazing and lasts a long time. Packaging in very luxurious and sets the mood for a good night in.

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