Fulfill your fantasies and court your desires with the ergonomically designed Kinki. Perfectly angled to find all of your hidden pleasure zones, Kinki will surprise and delight you with its four unique vibration modes.

Whether you want to take it fast or slow, Kinki knows how to satisfy your every need with up to two hours of play. Boasting 18cm in length and 3cm in diameter, Kinki is sure to arouse your curiosity. Water resistant and made from a high quality body safe silicone you can rest easy knowing your Kinki is ready to satiate your internal hunger.

Your Kinki comes with the following:

  • Beautifully packaged with gold foil finishes
  • A discreet storage bag
  • Clear and concise user manual (Click here to download)
  • USB charging cable
  • Vibration Charging Technology (VCT) Read about VCT here
  • 3 Month warranty activated by registering your unique number

7 reviews for Kinki

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    Megg S

    Amazing!!! Battery lasts for ages and the toy is so soft, its feels really comfortable. Very happy with my purchase. I loved the little warranty card you get inside the box, it looks good and it shows Indecent has a good process when it comes to warranty claims. I feel you can trust the product, the effort they have gone to shows this.

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    Sarah (verified owner)

    Fantastic silky feel, its so soft and smooth! The Kinki came in a gorgeous packaging box. I couldn’t believe the packaging was printed in gold foil, I felt like I was unpacking something from a high end fashion brand ALSO I was so excited to unwrap the tissue paper and finally get the Kinki out! It only took 35 minutes to fully charge. I love this toy! I haven’t used a lot of products in the past, but having the peace of mind of knowing the product is registered got me over the line. I like the feeling of knowing its safe to use. If you’re a beginner like me, this is the perfect companion. Very Happy. Thanks Indecent.

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    The packaging is very exclusive, the feel of the product is silky, I love how this toy feels, its so soft. The vibration patterns are exciting to use and provides a different feeling for each one. Love this product. And the customer service received was perfect, loved the fact that I could choose the tissue paper again so exclusive, so nice.

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    Amazing toy! So smooth, all the different settings helped with the tempo throughout, being water resistant also made it a lot more fun. I’ve always been too worried with sex toys due to them not being safe but I felt incredibly safe using this, the warranty card and the trust in the brand made me feel great about using it. Cannot recommend enough!

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    I was given the kinki as a gift from my boyfriend and I have to say that it’s seriously amazing! Such an awesome variety of speeds and intensities, it gets me there every single time!

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    What an amazing product….from the smallest touches like the gorgeous black/gold foil packaging to the silky smooth product itself, Kinki is the highest quality toy you could possibly buy. It’s feels like you’re unwrapping precious gems and all with the added bonus of rigorous testing to make it a registered body safe product. What more could you ask for??….well a product that does what it promises of course. And the Kinki does that!
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Aren’t enough for such a high end, well produced and presented product! Thank you INdecent!

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    Sooooo good! So much work and thought has gone into creating this beautiful brand. The kinki has smooth contours, the quality is excellent, it’s body-safe, easy to clean, the battery lasts ages so you’ll have lots of time for multiples ;p The different settings add variety but most importantly it feels AMAZING!!! Thanks for the many orgasms, Indecent! 😉

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